Demo songs

It is done! Our band has finally recorded some demo songs! It is not that impressive, but I’m very happy about the result. 

Check it out!

UPDATE: The band’s players are:
Gustavo Boiko on sax
Tiago Salem on guitar and vocals
Marcelo Zanin on bass
Lucio Spina on drums
Daniel Nicolini on keyboards


  1. ReinoutS says:

    Nice, but your mp3’s aren’t tagged. And why don’t you offer oggs?

  2. boiko says:

    ReinoutS » well, the files there are the ones the guy from the studio sent us. I could offer oggs too, but considering someone could want to put this on a mp3 player to listen to (just like I did), I guess mp3 is still better at compatibility.

    About the tags, indeed, the files are missing them. I’ll take this a look later on.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Rafael says:

    The quality of the musics is very impressive. I really liked the sound of the instruments!


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