Kopete and GSoC 2009

So Kopete got two slots for this year’s SoC. Tiago Salem Herrmann will be working on improving the MSN support and Pierre-Alexandre St-Jean will be working on turning the chatwindow into a library.

Congratulations to Tiago and Pierre-Alexandre and thanks to all other students that submitted proposals to Kopete SoC!

PS: For the ones that didn’t get accepted but still want to work on the projects, just send a mail to the Kopete mailing list and we will try to help mentoring the work.


  1. NJ Hewitt says:

    Is Ink (WLM’s handwriting/drawing feature) support likely to appear any time soon? Tablet PC user here.

  2. boiko says:

    Yes, this is one of the topics for this Summer of Code projects.

  3. NJ Hewitt says:

    Brilliant, thanks!

  4. Dread Knight says:

    Those sound like nice projects… Kopete really needs some love because most KDE4 users prefer pidgin because it’s more polished and less buggy overall. *sigh*

  5. Any Mouse says:

    Since they are trying to convert into libraries, would it not make some sense to integrate with libpurple?

    That would leverage a LOT of effort.

  6. boiko says:

    They are converting just the chatwindow widget into a library, making it possible for other applications to make use of it (as an example, KDE games could use it for an in-game chat).
    The complex part of the work is not really turning the chatwindow itself into a library, the problem is that it is making heavilly usage of some Kopete classes (like Kopete::MetaContact, as an example), so making it reusable by other applications requires some changes to make the participants info more generic.

    This if I understand correctly what you were trying to mean by “integrating with libpurple”

  7. Ian Monroe says:

    The future isn’t libpurple, its Telepathy (in fact, one of Pidgin’s GSoC projects is to build a Telepathy plugin for Pidgin).

  8. Aaron says:

    Maybe this is the wrong place to ask for this but did anything ever come of last years project to integrate jingle into kopete? It’s one of the things I was most looking forward to.

  9. boiko says:

    As far as I remember the implementation went very far, but you’d better ping Gof on IRC and ask him about that.

  10. KenP says:

    How about support for MS Office Communicator as well? I believe pidgin already has this support via pidgin-sipe plugin.

  11. boiko says:

    MS Office Communicator is not planned (at least not for this SoC proposal), but it might appear in the future.

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