HTML5 video editor transititions support

At Collabora we have been working on a tech demo of a simple video editor application on top of WebKit and HTML5. It is a very simple editor powered by GStreamer Editing Services that allows you to drag-n-drop video clips and images to a timeline for editing.

GStreamer Editing Services (GES for short) has support for using transitions between clips, so  I have been working on adding this support to our web editor last weeks. After the bindings were done, it was just necessary to add a few extra JavaScript and HTML code to get it working on our UI. Here is a sample video:

The support for transitions is already merged in the editor’s git master. It still has a few problems that we are currently working on, but it gives an idea of the possibilites we get by adding video editing capabilities to WebKit.

You can find instructions on how to try the application in a blog post by Mateu Batle about the application.


  1. Eugeni says:

    Amazing, congratulations!!

    Am I correct to affirm that it supports all the formats gstreamer supports? Or there are any limitations about that?

  2. boiko says:

    Eugeni » Indeed, it supports all the formats gstreamer supports.

  3. Amazing what can be done with HTML5 and some creativity 🙂

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