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YafaRay Students in Google Summer of Code

So, YafaRay is participating in this year’s Summer of Code . We are pleased to annonce the list of students whose proposals are going to be implemented in YafaRay during this summer:

  • Blender 2.5 Integration by Shuvro Sarker.
  • SubSurface Scattering by Yong Li.
  • Irradiance Caching by George Laskowsky.
  • Exporter plug-in for Maya by Wang Peijun.
  • Progressive Photon Mapping by Rui Li.
  • Microrendering for Scalable Final Gathering Istvan Szakats.
  • Network rendering tools by Andrew Price.

Congratulations to all students!

III YafaRay Annual Contest – Crazy Machines – Winner announced

From July 13rd to August 17th the YafaRay team was running a rendering contest on the subject “Crazy Machines”. The participants were asked to create imaginary machines that are crazy (in any sense the participant imagined).

We have gotten many entries (which can be seen in the forum thread) and the winners were announced today. Here are the images for your delight:

Winner of the III Yafaray Annual Contest is Xelptic

Winner of the III Yafaray Annual Contest is Xelptic

2nd Position for Gabich

2nd Position for Gabich

3rd. position for Mookie

3rd. position for Mookie

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for everybody who partipated in the contest!

Small Projects Collection

Long time no post…

While doing some cleanup in my home folder, I found some few applications I have started but never finished. So I decided to put all of them online so that people can check and (maybe) use the code for something more productive than being forgotten in the middle of many other disorganized files.

The programs are very simple (don’t expect any Ooohhh application there) but as I had fun doing them I hope you enjoy.

Check them out!

Yafaray using Qt

Yafaray is the development version of the open source rendering suit Yafray. The code structure has been totally reviewed and it has gained many new features.

Some time ago I have written an experimental Qt GUI for it (yafaray-qt) which was already fully functional (allowing for loading XML scene and saving them to the image formats supported by Qt itself). Some weeks ago this interface became the official yafaray UI (even if using it as a blender plugin):


yafaray GUI

yafaray GUI

It is very basic for now, but it does its job already. There are plans for adding more stuff on it, but for now it will stay like that for awhile.

As soon as Mandriva Cooker reopens for development I’ll create a package for yafaray and make it available for testing. For those interested in trying it before that, here is the announcement.

Photo Viewer

Some time ago, I was looking at the INdT’s Canola interface, and I found it really nice. Its look is very clean and the way it displays the contents fits very well in the target devices.

By this time, I was wondering how hard it would be to create an image viewer like the one present in Canola using Qt. To try this out, I started a toy project using Qt and exiv2. It is a very basic image viewer interface that just displays images in a similar way to the Canola interface.



It is very basic and experimental, but for the ones interested on it:

svn co

Have fun 🙂